Jill is a popular speaker who has a passion to reveal God’s heart of love to His people.
Jill is a speaker, #1 best selling author, and a sought-after life coach.  She has inspired audiences large and small with her passion for experiencing the heart of God.

As a teacher and speaker, Jill is known for captivating audiences with her high-energy, humorous approach to life’s serious issues. Her faith-filled and transparent stories encourage listeners to become all that God has created and redeemed them to be. Love is a key theme in every message she shares. Jill believes once you know the love of God, you can’t help but give it away.

Jill’s message of experiencing the love of Father God comes from a place of deep personal need. She encountered God’s healing presence as she overcame abuse that manifested in the fear of rejection, shame, and insecurity. Now, she shares a message of faith, hope, and love.

As a life coach, her desire is for people to live intentional lives empowered by the knowledge of who they are in Christ, and to walk with authority in the sphere of influence He has entrusted to them. She affirms the listener of their purpose and challenges them to advance the kingdom of God. Audiences walk away feeling empowered to go after their hopes and dreams.

In addition to her keynote topics, Jill hosts a one-day intensive designed to help people find their freedom in Christ. The day also includes activation exercises, group interaction and a prayer team which leads the participant into deep encounters with God.

Jill has spoken to audiences from 100 to 70,000. She has shared in small settings like young adult ministries at Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows IL, or larger gatherings at the Dove Award Luncheon, Creation Fest, Disney Night of Joy, Experience Conference, Allume Conference, Willow Creek Church in Barrington, IL and more.

“I’ve learned to love because I’ve had to forgive a lot.” – Jill Monaco


Wake Up!
The story of Lazarus reveals the tenderness and authority of Jesus. Being raised from the dead wasn’t the end of the story. Lazarus needed the community to loose him from his grave clothes so he could share his testimony and walk in freedom. This keynote message will inspire audiences to see themselves as a new creation in Christ and encourage them to help others find freedom to be all God created them to be too. This powerful message not only leads people to repentance but fills their hearts with excitement to love others well.
Adventures With God
In the course of seven months, Jill traveled across the country by herself in her car — from NYC to LA. Hear how she wrestled with saying yes to the call, walked in faith for financial provision, shared the Gospel and saw people healed just like the disciples did in Luke 9. Learn how God longs to reveal himself in new ways to you. And how everyone has the opportunity to experience a Kingdom lifestyle without leaving home.
Healing from #MeToo #ChurchToo
There is a need for someone to speak into the lives of those who have been hurt by spiritual leaders. The #MeToo movement opened the door to the #ChurchToo discussion. Jill shares her personal story healing after the Senior Pastor of her church made inappropriate advances toward her. Your audience will learn how to Biblically forgive and heal from spiritual, physical and emotional abuse. This keynote can also be shared as a workshop session for a more intimate audience. You can learn more of her story in her blog post.
Walking In Love
We often want to be loving or do loving things, but what does it look like to actually just BE love? Learn four things that release love into your life so it can overflow to others. You won’t hesitate to give anything away after knowing how to BE love to others around you. Because loving well is what we are made to do and how you best reflect the heart of God.
Entering Your Promise
When life circumstances change in a moment — or drastically in a season — you are in the process of transition. You find yourself between the painful past and the hopeful future. What does the life of Abraham tell us about how to hope again and continue to believe the promises of God? Discover the three things you need to do to enter a land of promise with God.
Overcoming Rejection
Everyone has experienced rejection in one way or another. Some seem to grow stronger from it. Others find it happens over and over, and they continue to experience further rejection. What differentiates these two kinds of people, and how can we be free from the pain and pattern of rejection? Learn how to see yourself as fully accepted by God.

Looking for a customized program?

Jill regularly creates customized programs. If you have a specific need or a topic of importance, please let us know.

Jill Monaco is one of the most compelling communicators I have ever met, and her passion for the Gospel drives every aspect of her life. I have no doubt that God is using her voice and working through her ministry in a profound way, winning hearts for Himself and impacting lives for the kingdom. Lauren Roman

Pro-Life Speaker, Actress

Jill Monaco communicates with passion and articulation on many different levels. Her radical love of God permeates all the venues she has been able to speak in. The women I lead and serve, who are a part of Establish Her, were greatly inspired upon hearing her story and truths grounded in the Word of God. Jill’s childlike faith is contagious, and her Christ-centered expression is needed in this generation. Sarah Ott

Founder, Establish Her

Jill Monaco is a woman of grace who pours out the truth in a transparent, relative and applicable way. She will inspire, refresh and remind all who listen to who they really are. She invokes and instills value through her words, and through the promises of life from God the Father that are available to every believer. Dara Maclean

Christian Recording Artist


Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your next event. As a former event manager, I know how important it is to have the right presenter for your audience. I trust that if I’m not the right person for your event, God will provide the perfect person that brings a powerful word.

You can learn more about the things I’ve done, and what I do, by visiting the about page on my website. But I want to share what’s on my heart in this season for the body of Christ.

I have overcome so much in my life. And for many years, I kept the abuse, shame or fear hidden. I didn’t even talk about it with family or friends. I learned early on in my walk with God to bring things into the light. But when I did, I experienced more trauma. So I unconsciously made a decision to only show the good parts of my thoughts, life, and ministry, I thought that was the right way to be a Christian – you know, all the fruit of the spirit. But deep down I was always searching for a place to be authentic in a way that also brought glory to God.

I believe your audience is looking for that too. They want to connect with someone who has been there or understands. But they really want to hear from the Spirit of God about how to be themselves without fear of rejection or shame. They want to be LOVED, accepted, valued, seen and believed in. They may be inspired by me or another speaker for a moment, but what they really need is an encounter with God. He changes people. He inspires people to be unafraid, unhindered and unhidden.

My hope is that every message I bring declares the goodness of God in such a way that they can receive His love in a fresh way. That they would love themselves … and be themselves … without any hinderances. And from that place of authenticity, they would rise up and advance the Kingdom of God by the way they love others.

It’s my conviction that once you know who you are in the eyes of the Lord, that confidence will impact everyone around you. Why? When love comes to you, it is cultivated in you and is communicated through you.

I am captivated by the parts of Scripture that talk about LOVE – how to be loved, how to love, what love does and how love overcomes. I pray the theme of every message I share contains the truth that you are so loved by God.

I just used way more words than Jesus did … which tends to be my reputation. In Matthew 22:34-40 he says, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

As for my speaking style – I am known for being pretty high energy, going on short spontaneous and sometimes humorous tangents that end up being better than anything I planned on sharing. You won’t get out without hearing one of my faith stories written by God. But, I hope you walk away with experiencing the presence of God and pursuing Him more because we met.

Love well, you were made for it.

Thanks for stopping by …



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