Singles often hear “guard your heart.”

How realistic is protecting your heart? It is practical? Is it do-able?

I was a new believer. And as someone who is over 30, I made my mistakes and I didn’t consider myself innocent. I knew the world could lie, hurt and deceive. But once I got on staff of a church, I thought I had escaped those things and entered the closest thing to heaven.

I trusted the staff and especially my senior pastor. I honored authority and loved serving the Lord. I was like a new bride in love. This was the best job ever!

It wasn’t too long before the honeymoon was over. He said some inappropriate things to me, and I was trying to move past it. But my heart hurt. I was disappointed in someone I had trusted. I was disappointed that I trusted too much. Eventually I found myself at a crossroads.

I had to choose to allow hurt to transform me or harden my heart.

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