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#044 The Power Of Your Words With Kristin Bonin

My guest today is Kristin Bonin. She is a speaker, author and has a passion to minister to women. Kristin is an author, speaker, ordained minister and blogger. If you talk to her you quickly learn of her love for Scripture and how she leans into...


#032 Ovecoming Jealousy

In the second of my overcoming series, I'm going to share about overcoming jealousy — healing from those consequences from someone else's jealousy or helping you identify and get free from a jealous spirit.  Join me for this quick teaching on overcoming jealousy....

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#031 Overcoming Rejection

I'm starting a new series this week on the things we need to overcome to live a life we love. This week I'm going to share about overcoming rejection — it’s inevitable. Sooner or later, every one of us will experience it. Some of us, more than once. And every time it...

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#030 Rachel Elizabeth Murray: Faith And Fitness

Rachel Elizabeth Murray is a celebrity fitness personality, trainer and nutrition coach, determined to cause a positive effect on the lives of people worldwide. She strives to help people live a holistically fit lifestyle and recognize you God-given value and...

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#029 Lina Abujamra: Standing On The Promises Of God

Continuing the series with friends who are in business and use that to share the gospel ... My guest today is Lina AbuJamra. Lina is a Pediatric ER doctor and founder of Living with Power Ministries. Her vision is to bring hope to the world by connecting Biblical...

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#028 Bridgette Reed: Authenticity and Significance

Bridgette Reed is best known for her self-published book Bold, Fierce and Transformed, which has been featured on FOX Good Day, ABC Good Morning Texas and a host of other radio, television and print media. Bridgette is also the host of her own show on IGTV "But First...

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#027 Eric Welch – Director: Beautifully Broken Film

On today's podcast I chat with my friend, Eric Welch, director of the new movie, Beautifully Broken. Eric has directed over 200 music videos and live concert music films for multiple genre artists such as: Carrie Underwood, Kid Rock, Jimmy Buffet, TobyMac, Mandisa,...

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#026 Manny Torres: American Idol, Cancer And Faith

Today on the podcast we have Manny Torres. You may remember him from American Idol a few years ago. He made it to the top 14! I met through a common friend and I’ve enjoyed hearing him perform live in downtown Chicago. I asked him to be a part of the podcast today to...

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#023 Keys To Love Well

You may have noticed at the end of each episode, I end with, love well, you were made for it. So I thought I’d close out this four part series with some of my tips for loving well. Because this is my favorite subject .... LOVE! Learning to love well is one of the...

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#022 Keys to Reconcile Well

I love freedom coaching because I get to help people process their own responses to outside stressors and learn to be the person God created them to be. I find this topic ... learning to reconcile well, is key to having healthy relationships. We aren't taught how to...

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#021 Keys To Transition Well

Transition is a part of all of our lives and it often happens even if we don't want it to. Many people struggle with it and others don't. So what makes these two kind of people different? Are you the kind of person that hates change? Have you lost your job without...

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