So my niece is getting to the age where she needs her own Bible. I’ve wanted to give one to her on her birthday next month. But with so many to choose from, where do you start?

Just as I was starting to research, I was asked to review one from Zondervan called the Faith Girlz Backpack Bible. And if you are interested, you can leave a comment on my Facebook page and be entered to win a free one!

This Bible is so beautiful that any little girl is going to love it. First, lets just start with IT’S PINK! What girl doesn’t love pink? It’s a soft flexible leathersoft material, has Christ’s words in red and a ribbon marker so she can keep her place. And it’s small enough to fit in a backpack or momma’s purse so it can go anywhere she goes. (It’s 4.5 x 1.5 x 7 inches) The cover has a stitched heart in hot pink thread and the words “Follow Your Heart” are in metallic gold. It’s also in the NIV version, so it’s easy to read. (By the way, it’s in size 8 font, so mamma’s can still help the girls read too!)

But one of my favorite features is the inserts that help girls be who God’s made them to be. If you’ve been following me, you most likely know that I love to encourage people to pursue the presence of God. And the Bible has a page that leads girls to have encounters by talking to God through journalling. Some people don’t know where to start .. so they give her some tips about how to talk to God everyday.

Here are some other cute and useful inserts:

This insert tells them how to have a relationship with Jesus in some very simple steps. And a super cute place to put their signature. I can just imagine having my niece keep this for years to come – even when she gets bigger. Because it’s such a precious way to remember all that God did for her.

Sometimes adults don’t know what to read or where to start right? Well, this insert gives some suggestions like “What the Bible says about finding your inner beauty” and What the Bible says about forgiveness.” It’s such a great way to teach them to look up verses that would apply to their lives right away. And have a great conversation with their parents.

It also has this page called The Friendship Golden Rule. It teaches them how to treat their friends the way they want to be treated by suggesting a project to do with a friend. So they can not only see what their friend needs, but be able to do it together. I always find when I put my new faith into action, I remember it better. Plus, they stay busy in a super fun way.

Even though Zondervan gave me Bible for free to review and share it with you … I wholeheartedly can give a good review because I think it’s so great! I’m not getting paid or making any affiliate commissions. Just good old share the good news. Get it? 🙂

Here is a link to find it on Faith Girlz Backpack Bible on Amazon. And I’m sure you can get it wherever books are sold.

Here is how you win this awesome Bible:

  1. Leave a comment on my Facebook post to get entered to win this FREE Bible!
  2. Tell me why you think your daughter or a young girl you know would be blessed by it.
  3. Tag a friend who you think would like to know about it too.

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