Are you a professional coach? If not, you can pass by this post … unless your curious. 🙂

I attended a week-long training for coaches in Utah a few weeks ago. There were expert coaches across different modalities. I was so impressed by the quality of leaders and their passion to uplift humanity. We were brainstorming about the best way to serve our communities through coaching. But also how we could support coaches too.

It was there that I partnered with a new organization and was chosen to be a Global Strengths Soar Evangelist with Led by Paul Allen, Gallup Strengths Evangelist and Founder of, Soar is the leading marketplace for human development. Our mission is to help more people identify, develop and apply their natural talents in the workplace, at home, and in their community.

Honestly, I need another commitment like I need a hole in the head. But I LOVE connecting people and seeing them thrive in the area of influence God has entrusted to them. So I say yes. Again. To believe it’s better to give than receive.

One way we are going to do that is by hosting mastermind meetups, online training, and local networking events for coaches. I’ve always longed to be a part of a team of coaches that have a passion for people to be who they were created to be.

Maybe you can relate?

Sometimes being a coach and running your own business can be overwhelming. You are always looking for ways to grow professionally and personally with limited resources. If you don’t like or know how to do marketing, then you struggle with getting enough clients. Am I reading your mail yet?

I don’t know about you … but I’m looking for more clients, more business support and a legit personal development community.

That’s why I am extending you a special invitation to you to join my Soar Pro Coach Team.

Soar provides the marketing, business support, ongoing personal development and brand recognition that will take your coaching business to the next level! 

What do I want for you? For your business to be wildly successful because I want you to have a greater impact.

What do I need? A bench for referral work! I’m busy with my own company so can’t take on too many engagements myself.

What do I want for us? To be a community of trusted professionals who can learn and share in the joy of this work.

Next steps …

READ about Soar and the Pro Membership benefits at  They include things like a profile, calendar scheduling, payment processing, marketing you as a coach, training, free conferences, masterminds and more! 

CONNECT Set up a discovery call to chat with me so I can answer your questions. 

JOIN THE TEAM OF SOAR PRO COACHES – Right now I can offer the first ten coaches who sign up a massive discount of $999 for the year … that’s only about $83 a month! You can’t get all the benefits on your own for that! Plus it’s for life. (The advertised rate on Soar right now is $199 a month.) This offer isn’t on the website and is only offered through me. Once you join, I’ll add you to the private Facebook group where you’ll find more support and weekly live webinars with other Pro Coaches who are sharing their best practices for growing their coaching business. 

Thank you for trusting me, and be swift – this special offer isn’t available for long. They are closing the doors on this at the end of this December 2018. Come January it will cost you $199 a month.

Let’s do this – let’s make 2019 the year we invested in ourselves and our coaching businesses so we can help people reach their full potential!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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