Freedom Coaching® focuses on encountering God so you can live a life you love!

Do you need a breakthrough for a RELATIONSHIP?

Are you feeling stuck in your CAREER? 

Are you trying to find your PURPOSE?

As a certified Life Coach, I’ve completed intensive professional training, mentoring and met other qualifications with the International Coaching Federation. I’ve spent hundreds of hours coaching clients and developing tools to help you find the FREEDOM you desire.  As your coach, I help you ask yourself and God powerful questions so you can achieve your goals. I currently offer 4 coaching packages for you to choose from to get you started on your journey to FREEDOM!

The Freedom Coach Model® offers a unique coaching experience that blends ministry tools and life-coaching tools approved by the International Coach Federation. I’ve created and developed this model to specifically target the main things that keep you from having the life you desire. I suggest three months of weekly private coaching. You will walk away with the tools you need to maintain your freedom and you’ll find your thought life, emotional strength and spiritual encounters with God radically transformed.


  • Learn to hear God’s voice and discover how you already do
  • Find freedom from lies and replace them with God’s truth
  • Discover the key to forgiveness
  • Overcome rejection, fear, shame, and break generational patterns
  • And more …

Business Coaching – Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Or are you hoping to start a business and feel overwhelmed? Or do you need insight into how to excel in the marketplace? With the right business coach, you can come up with a strategic plan and reach your goals. Together, we will discover blindspots and what is getting in the way of your success. We will devise a strategy to get you to the next level! Breakthrough is closer than you think!


  • Gain prophetic insight into the key to your breakthrough
  • Be empowered by finding your true identity in Christ
  • Receive revelation about what God wants to heal in your emotions or thought patterns
  • Discover how to have a healthy work/life balance
  • And more …

Individual Freedom Coaching® Sessions work best for the person who needs help with one thing. Do you need help processing disappointing news, a transition or a relationship issue? Do you have to make a tough decision quickly? Do you want to dabble in coaching before making a long-term commitment? Then a one-time session may be perfect for you! Set up your session today. One session is perfect for:


  • If you just want to try coaching without a long term commitment
  • Desire a closer connection to God
  • Need to process challenging news
  • How to make a smooth transition
  • And more …

Relationship Coaching is based on the successful group program From Looking To Loving that is only offered a few times a year. It is an intensive 1:1 coaching program for singles who want to go after their breakthrough for marriage in a short time, and who are willing to do the work outside of session appointments. This includes four hours of individual coaching, a workbook, take-home activations and eight hours of recorded teaching. You will learn:


  • How to invite God into your search for a mate
  • How to attract the kind of person you want
  • Tools to help you meet new people
  • What is keeping you stuck in old thought patterns
  • And more …


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Freedom Coaching® Testimonies

I’m so blessed to have found Jill because this experience of freedom coaching has moved my relationship with Jesus forward tremendously. Breaking free from strongholds and bonds has been life- changing for me, and I am grateful for the skills that Jill has given me to use going forward.


Before I started meeting with Jill, I was trapped by my insecurities and the lies that I believed. I didn’t think that God loved me enough to want to give me good gifts. Through our time together, Jill has helped me meet with God more personally and vividly than I ever have before, and I am seeing real change in how I relate to God and to others.


I saw the Lord in a different way and really felt healing in certain areas of my heart. The Lord gave me pictures instead of just words – I had not experienced God in that way before. God knew that a picture would stay with me forever. I would highly encourage anyone to take a step and engage in a freedom session. God desires for us to seek Him and listen, sometimes we just need a little leading.


What is the Freedom Coach Model®?

I developed The Freedom Coach Model® exclusively for my clients. Freedom Coaching® is for people who:

  • Want a deeper relationship with God.
  • Want to learn how to discern God’s voice.
  • Need someone to help them walk through a difficult season.
  • Feel like they need a breakthrough in relationships, career or life events.
  • Need direction because they are burned-out or in a relational or career transition. 
  • Feel like they are in a dry season or have hit a plateau in their relationship with God.

Sometimes we know we are struggling with things, but we get used to living with the bondage. So we learn to adapt instead of THRIVE!

God’s heart is for you to be FREE to be who He created you to be. The result of that is being free from the things that keep you from His plans and purposes for you. He wants you to have a clear understanding of your identity and destiny, so you can step out in faith and complete the assignments He has entrusted to you.

Maybe you feel stuck in the same routine, afraid to take a leap of faith. Maybe you are struggling with forgiving someone who did something legitimately hurtful to you. Maybe you need to discover your purpose. Maybe you suffered abuse and can’t seem to shake the anxiety or fear that shows up in other areas in your life. Or maybe you are in a transition and need God’s guidance.

Sessions may include a revelation of the lies the enemy has told you and instructions on replacing them with God’s truth. It may require walking through forgiveness or breaking ties with old thought patterns. Or it may look like simply receiving the Fathers’s love and hearing what He thinks of you. Every session is different and led by the kindness and peace of God.

I have watched God bring people through the most difficult things and walk in such victory! You will find the excitement, joy and purpose you’ve been longing for.

To make an appointment, please write me at jill (at) jillmonaco (dot) com. Or send me a message here with the day and time that works best for you.

I look forward to meeting with you!


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My signature group coaching program for singles,

From Looking To Loving: Find The Breakthrough You Need So You Can Have The Relationship You Want,

is offered several times a year. Visit the website to learn when open enrollment begins. 

From Looking To Loving Testimonies

I received a major breakthrough during the first session of From Looking to Loving. The Lord began to show me the kind of guy he wants me to befriend and eventually marry. God answered many questions I had about myself, past relationships and my future. I would recommend this course to anyone. Be prepared to receive major breakthroughs and encounter from the Lord.


Jill highlighted four key areas that can either help or hinder our relationship with God and with others. My eyes were opened to some powerful truths. It’s precisely because of this program that God has helped me to release lies from the past and work through old, false beliefs. There is so much packed into one phone call that you need to go back and chew on the truths gleaned from each session.


Jill’s program From Looking to Loving was a gift from God. I highly recommend it to anyone out there looking to better their relationship with God and with others, and for those who are looking to gain valuable, indispensable insight that will change your heart and life for the better! Jill sets you up for success!



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