Personal Life Coaching

As your coach, I’m committed to helping you break through the barriers that have held you back so you can live the life God created you to live. Freedom Coaching will help you renew your mind, heal your soul and set you free!


Dreamers and entrepreneurs who need consulting to take their business to the next level are able to take advantage of my years of training on branding, funnels and marketing.
Helping You Advance and Accelerate

Unlock Your Full Potential.

Are there dreams you’ve been believing for but you don’t know what to do to achieve them? Do you know you were meant for more than what you have in your life right now? Do fear and insecurity hold you back?

God created you with a purpose to bring Him glory through your gifts, talents, and passions. If you feel you aren’t living up to the life that is possible, then Freedom Coaching® will help you advance and accelerate! The fact that you landed here tells me you want more and are ready to go get it. Let me help you pursue your God-given dreams … don’t wait another day!

Gain confidence so you can pursue your dreams.

Get clarity on your passion, calling and purpose.

Overcome obstacles that are in your way to success.

Overcome fear and live courageously.

Set new goals and live your dreams!


Are you single and want to be in a relationship? I’ve worked with hundreds of singles through Single Matters magazine, in my group coaching program From Looking To Loving and one on one. Discover your limiting beliefs, build confidence and learn skills to attract the right person. Coaching will give you the insight so you can enjoy your singleness more and find the person God has for you.

Freedom Seekers

You know you were created for more but something holds you back. You need help discovering what it is and a plan to get where you want to be. Freedom Coaching® blends ministry exercises with coaching tools. We focus on different areas of your life; uncover lies you believe, heal soul wounds and help you hear God’s voice for yourself.

The Goal Getters

You are the kind of person that wants to achieve goals – in your personal life, career or relationships. If you are looking for a focused time of goal setting and want to maximize your life, we can work together to come up with a plan to help you fulfill your calling, pursue your passion, discover your purpose or move on to the next stage of life.


If you want to start or build your business, we come up with a strategy to meet your goals. We start by auditing your brand, mapping out a plan, tackling your mindset and clarifying your life message. I will come alongside of you as you set your goals and offer my expertise along the way. This can be a mix of coaching and consulting.

How Do I Know If Coaching Is Right For Me?

Coaching takes you to the next level. When you work with a trained coach, you are able to turn fear into faith, ideas into income and dreams into reality. If you are committed to going after the life God has for you but don’t know where to start or how to get there, then this is just what you need!

Are you ready to fulfill your God-given purpose?
Coaching will help you discover the path to achieve that thing God put on your heart. If you aren’t sure what you are called to do a coach to help you unlock your potential. We will work to uncover what mindsets are holding you back, push fear aside and come up with a plan. Crush your goals and be everything God created you to be!
Are you stuck in your career?
Coaching will help you take an honest look at what is holding you back from achieving more in your career. Maybe you own your own business and want to take it to the next level. Maybe you want to start a business but don’t know how to develop a brand and map out your strategy. Or maybe you are struggling with how to get that promotion at work. We will work through your mindsets, create new goals and watch God move!
Do you need a breakthrough in your relationship?
Coaching is perfect for the person who wants to be in a healthy relationship but isn’t sure how to get there. We work on your personal development goals, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. For singles, we also work on your online profile and implement ways to step out of your comfort zone.
Do you want to shift your mindset?
What you believe will manifest in your life. Coaching helps identify lies you believe about yourself, God or others and unlocks the truth. The right mindset will open up doors that were previously closed to you. You will gain clarity and confidence to go after your dreams. We will work on declaring the truth about who you are, who God is and what you are called to do. Nothing will stop you!
Ready to invest in yourself?
No matter what you need to work on; relationships, goals, career, or mindset or something else … coaching is the best investment in yourself. There is a reason coaches have coaches. We know that having someone to challenge you, point out things you can’t see and encourage you is going to pay off in multiple areas of your life.

My Approach

As an ACC certified life coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I’ve completed intense professional training and mentoring. I’ve spent hundreds of hours coaching clients and developing tools to help you find the FREEDOM you desire.

We will determine your goals, come up with a plan and then get to work. What makes my coaching style different from others is the unique model of coaching I’ve developed. I’ve trademarked it as Freedom Coaching®. I’ve found that sometimes we are limited by what we know or believe. But in Freedom Coaching, I incorporate prayer tools for asking God powerful questions too.

God’s heart is for you to be FREE to be who He created you to be. He wants you to have a clear understanding of your identity and destiny, so you can step out in faith and complete the assignments He has entrusted to you. It’s my honor to walk alongside you during this journey.

Work With Me

90 Minute Goal Getter Session

Goal Getter Coaching – This coaching session is for the person who wants to get clarity, confidence, and courage in one 90-minute power session. We tackle your ideas, dreams or questions and come up with do it now solutions. I’ll review your pre-session goal assessment questionnaire before our call so we can spend our time working on your goals.


  • Get a recording of the call to review at a later time
  • Layout specific, measurable goals
  • Set up an action plan
  • Find motivation to run after your dreams
  • 2 weeks of email support

Freedom Coaching®

Personal Coaching will bring you to the next level in your career, business, faith or relationships with bi-monthly sessions. Set new goals for yourself as you are coached around anything by getting a right mindset. In a short amount of time, you will have the energy, passion, and desire to keep going and achieve your dreams.


  • Personalized coaching to fit your needs and goals
  • Unlimited email support (and text messages)
  • Motivation to crush your goals and walk in greater levels of freedom
  • Accountability, encouragement etc


VIP Coaching – Maximize your time and accelerate your breakthrough by meeting with me in person for an entire day. The VIP Coaching Day can focus on relationship coaching, business coaching or goal setting. Clients who invest in the VIP Coaching package receive a full day of private coaching, lunch, and 2 follow up coaching calls.


  • Accelerate your breakthrough
  • Discover what is holding you back
  • Crush your goals
  • Receive prophetic insight
  • Leave with more freedom and a solid plan
  • 1 month of email support

Coaching Packages

Business Coaching & Consulting

Business Coaching – Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Or are you hoping to start a business and feel overwhelmed? Or do you need insight into how to excel in the marketplace? With the right business coach, you can come up with a strategic plan and reach your goals. Together, we will discover your blind spots and what is getting in the way of your success. We will devise a strategy to get you to the next level!


  • Gain prophetic insight into the key to your breakthrough
  • Be empowered by finding your true identity in Christ
  • Receive revelation about what God wants to heal in your emotions or thought patterns
  • Discover healthy work/life balance

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is based on the successful group program From Looking To Loving that is only offered a few times a year. It is an intensive 1:1 coaching program for singles who want to go after their breakthrough for marriage in a short time, and who are willing to do the work outside of session appointments. This includes four hours of individual coaching, a workbook, take-home activations and eight hours of recorded teaching. You will learn:


  • How to invite God into your search for a mate
  • How to attract the kind of person you want
  • Tools to help you meet new people
  • What is keeping you stuck in old thought patterns
  • How to break down walls

Freedom Coach Model®

The Freedom Coach Model® offers a unique transformational coaching experience that blends inner healing ministry tools and life-coaching tools. I’ve created and developed this 12-week model to specifically target the main things in your mind, will, and emotions that keep you from having the life you desire. You will walk away with the tools you need to maintain your freedom.


  • Learn to hear God’s voice and discover how you already do
  • Find freedom from lies and replace them with God’s truth
  • Discover the key to forgiveness
  • Overcome rejection, fear, shame, and break generational patterns
  • Identify places you’re stuck and find freedom to be the authentic you


I’m so blessed to have found Jill because this experience of freedom coaching has moved my relationship with Jesus forward tremendously. Breaking free from strongholds and bonds has been life-changing for me, and I am grateful for the skills that Jill has given me to use going forward. Sign up for a Freedom Coaching session. Laura

Before I started meeting with Jill, I was trapped by my insecurities and the lies that I believed. I didn’t think that God loved me enough to want to give me good gifts. Through our time together, Jill has helped me meet with God more personally and vividly than I ever have before, and I am seeing real change in how I relate to God and to others. Megan

I saw the Lord in a different way and really felt healing in certain areas of my heart. The Lord gave me pictures instead of just words – I had not experienced God in that way before. God knew that a picture would stay with me forever. God desires for us to seek Him and listen, sometimes we just need a little leading. Amy

Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Accelerate Your Destiny. Advance the Kingdom of God.

Freedom Coaching is all about inviting God into your process so you can live a life you love … and bring Him glory through you. There are endless possibilities of how we can work together. If you still have questions, feel free to set up an appointment and I’ll be happy to jump on a 15-minute FREE discovery call with you. We can explore your dreams and come up with a plan to get you to the next level. It’s time to accelerate and advance the Kingdom of God! It would be my pleasure to work with you!

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