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Continuing the series with friends who are in business and use that to share the gospel … My guest today is Lina AbuJamra. Lina is a Pediatric ER doctor and founder of Living with Power Ministries. Her vision is to bring hope to the world by connecting Biblical answers to everyday life. Lina has authored several books including Thrive, Stripped, and Resolved. Lina is the host of Todays Single Christian on Moody Radio and the host of Morning Minutes, a daily audio devotional available on her website. Lina’s most recent adventure has taken her back to the Middle East and her birth country, Lebanon, where she is providing regular medical care for Syrian refugees. (In fact, as we release the podcast today that is where she is!) Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Lina now calls Chicago home. I want you to get to know this powerful lady … she will inspire you to live life to the fullest!



  • What I did when I felt like I wasn’t measuring up to Lina.
  • The truth about our ministry growth compared to what you see online.
  • How her family came to the U.S. as refugees.
  • Why God put her in the wilderness and how she got through it
  • How God moved her from being in the ER to telemedicine so she could do more ministry.
  • The new work God is doing in Lina in this season.
  • The “God-story” that encouraged her to stand on the promises of God.
  • Why HOPE is the key thing she teaches in her ministry.
  • How God called her to singles ministry and why she wrote her book Thrive.
  • How she got started supporting Christian Syrian refugees who are persecuted for their faith in Lebanon.
  • How you can partner with Lina and support her global ministry by adopting a family.
  • Stories of how powerfully God is moving with the refugees in their faith to witness to their unsaved families.


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