We’ve been doing a series on singleness … and this is the last in the series with … finally .. a dude! I just have more women friends but Nate Stevens, our guest today, is one of my best guy friends. We met a few years ago through another friend and he’s been writing for the magazine I publish, Single Matters ever since. He’s also a published author and speaker.

Have you ever wondered if God had a plan for picking a mate or a set of guidelines to choose well? What makes the best couples compatible for life? What if I told you Nate has discovered what the Scriptures says about four key aspects to a great relationship? It’s the topic he speaks on the most and even published a book about these awesome truths.

Now I knew Nate when he was single … so we’ve had a ton of conversations about singleness: the struggles, the state of singleness in the church today, the hope for marriage. Nate, met his beautiful wife, Karen, and still leads singles in the Charlotte NC area in a group called Fusion. He really has a passion to help singles prepare for marriage and choose well.

On the podcast today, you’ll learn why Nate has a passion for teaching compatibility … from his own struggles and failures. He is super vulnerable about his failures and gives hope to those who have also made mistakes. He will share the 4 relational aspects of life and why the order of finding these 4 things out are important to determine compatibility. You don’t want to miss the wisdom that comes from my friend Nate.



  • Nate’s story from adultery to redemption
  • According to Scripture, what are the four aspects to a great relationship?
  • Why the aspects are to be discovered in relationships in a certain order
  • What the soul has to do with attachment
  • How feelings can be deceptive but can’t be ignored either
  • What makes up an intellectually compatible couple?
  • Why passion is totally ok!
  • What wisdom he would say to his younger self about choosing a mate


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