I think this episode with speaker and author, Wendy Pope, has foundational wisdom to living in the peace of God and contentment for where He has you now. Wendy writes devotions for Proverbs 31 Ministries’ “Encouragement for Today” and is a content provider for the free online devotion app First 5 as well as a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker team.

Wendy is the author of Wait and See.  She shares biblical wisdom on how to prepare for the future even as you participate in God’s work in the present. Drawing on the story of David, Wendy helps you exchange weariness and discouragement for hope and action. Instead of getting distracted with the object of your wait, you can grow closer to the Person of your faith—transforming your wait-and-see season into one of the sweetest seasons of all. And I just so happened to be able to do the narration for her audio book.

Have you ever had to wait so long for a desire .. or a promise from God that you felt like you wanted it more than God Himself? Or that you lost hope? Don’t miss this conversation with Wendy. She has such wisdom and insight … because she’s walked it out. No matter where you are in the process, Wendy will encourage you in your process and impart hope to your heart.



  • How we got connected and why it’s cool
  • Who Wendy would fan girl over if she met them
  • Her waiting process – good, bad and ugly
  • How to process your hurt or anger with God for making you wait
  • How she responded to God when she didn’t have to wait anymore
  • The keys she’s learned to waiting well
  • What does faith as a mustard seed look like?
  • The lies of being busy that tell us we aren’t trying and how that messes us up
  • More about her new Bible study


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