Loneliness can drain you of energy, leave you feeling unworthy of love and put you in a downward spiral. But it doesn’t need to be that way … if you just try these 5 things.

Are you feeling so alone even through you are physically surrounded by people? Or are you really low on friends and fellowship because of circumstances in your life? Or maybe you don’t feel this way now, but know that there are seasons where the monster called loneliness seems to unexpectedly crop up in your life.

I’m not sure why the end of the year or the holidays makes people feel lonely. Study show that this is one of the most common seasons to feel depressed. Maybe it’s because were supposed to be celebrating family and so many people either don’t have a family or have conflicts within their family. Some people may not even know the reason why they feel blue.

A few weeks ago, I shared (on podcast #12) about something God taught me about enjoying the process of breakthrough during a season of unemployment. One of the other lessons I learned was about overcoming loneliness. I like to share some thoughts I had and what God show me about how to overcome it during that season of my life. I pray it blesses you.



  • My testimony of walking through loneliness
  • 5 things you can do to get out of a pit of loneliness
    • Reach out: Let someone know you are in need
    • Find out: Stop letting activity mask the area that God is trying to heal
    • Wait it out: Remember things take time to build
    • Get it out: Crying out to God is not admission of defeat
    • Close out: Make a decision to believe God for more
  • What lies the enemy wants you to believe about why you are alone
  • What God has to say about these hard seasons

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