From new moms to moms raising teenagers — the new book {Why} Motherhood Matters will inspire and encourage you.

I have the privilege of knowing the author, September McCarthy, personally. She and I met at a bloggers’ conference, and I was so struck with her authenticity and kindness. Every woman needs a friend like September. And when you read this book, you will feel like you know her too.

Even though I’m not a mom, I wanted to read this book. I had no doubt it would be amazing because September has raised 10 kids … who adore her! But I also wanted the readers and single moms at Single Matters to have an opportunity to win a free copy. September sent me an advanced copy of the book so I could read it and pass on the blessing to you!

{Why} Motherhood Matters is different than other books for moms. You will be touched by September’s personal stories and her suggestions for your personal application. Each chapter will draw you in with a captivating story, biblical truth and prayers. What is unique about this book is how she takes it one step further to help you with her “parenting principle” and suggestions for you to apply what you read through what she calls “Taking the Steps.”

She helps you see that your efforts really do make a difference. The sleepless nights, the out-of-control behavior or the battle with your teenager are part of the process. For you and for them. You are normal. You are going to make it through! And you are doing a way better job at it than you realize.

She offers a mother’s wisdom from 25 years of parenting and shares what she’s learned about raising independent thinkers, compassionate believers and powerful humans.

You will learn that your faith will impact your kids in eternal ways. And that when you share your need for Jesus, they will learn to be who God created them to be too.

You will learn how taking care of yourself is also investing in your kids. And that when you allow things to be imperfect, hidden gems and memories are being made that will impact them forever.

You will learn how your own gifts and creativity allow your kids to explore and develop a godly character. And life skills will be established in them that will leave a legacy long after they leave the house.

You will learn how to speak to their hearts. And as you see how each child needs different things, you are extending the heart of the Father to them.

There are four parts to the book:

I. Why You Are Not Alone

II. Why We Cannot Live Motherhood by the Seat of Our Pants

III. Why You Will Lead Them in the Way They Should Go

IV. Why Giving Your Children a Reason to Change Makes All The Difference

Here are some of my favorite chapters:

{Why} Everyone Else is Having a Baby and I’m Not

{Why} Overwhelmed Does Not Have to be Your Middle Name

{Why} Your Children Can Learn to Love One Another Well

{Why} The Yelling Mom Can Find Hope and Help

{Why} Family Devotions Matter

{Why} Our Children Should Serve (Even When It Is Uncomfortable)

{Why} A Tired Mom Can Be the Most Influential Mom

{Why} We Don’t Want to Raise Robots

{Why} Your Focus Will Become Their Future

I am challenged daily to raise truth seekers and not opinion followers. We are raising generations today. ~September McCarthy

To enter to win a FREE copy of {Why} Motherhood Matters, visit our Facebook Page by clicking on this link and leave a COMMENT about the thing you find most challenging about single parenting and TAG someone who would benefit from this book. One person will be chosen, and each of you will get a FREE copy!

I received an advanced copy of the book for review, but the endorsement is sincere. You can also purchase your own copy at or wherever books are sold.

P.S. If you want to read what others are saying, check out the hashtag #WhyMotherhoodMatters on all social media.


September McCarthy believes every woman needs someone to speak into her life with understanding and truth. She encourages women in each season of motherhood through her blog One September Day and her ministry Raising Generations Today. As a speaker and writer, her vision and mission is for the generations. September lives in rural Upstate New York with her husband and their large family.

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