As a publisher of Single Matters I get many requests to review books and share endorsements. I wish I could read every story that comes my way. People have amazing stories to tell but they often come at a personal cost. Because I love people and their process I want to honor every single one of those stories!

My friend Courtney Cohen has one of those stories. And she shares it so tenderly and vulnerably in her new book Chronic Healing: Hope and Healing for Body, Soul and Spirit.  

Courtney and I share the same heart for freedom – searching for who God created and redeemed us to be. She is also a teacher, author and speaker. When she asked me if I’d review her book I enthusiastically said yes before even reading it. I knew her heart and God’s plans were evidently being played out in her life in powerful ways. I knew she would offer the world a God designed message.

I have a family member that has had a chronic disease. Every day of their lives they have to make choices to take care of their body. Sometimes that means making changes to the family plan or activities. But there is more that happens beyond the physical body. There are repercussions in the soul and spirit too. When we need healing it doesn’t stop at what you can see but what only God can see and heal too.

I remember the day I sat in a doctors office by myself, thousands of miles away from family … only to hear the words “You have a tumor.”  The fear that came over me … the many steps I had to take to manage the next steps … the limitations I had in my life … the silent struggle in my soul to make it obedient to the hope I have in Christ … WAS REAL. But when we know who our Father is we have hope in the midst of disappointment and peace instead of fear.

Courtney beautifully shares her journey with Type 1 Diabetes … and before you think its no big deal … because others have it and manage it well … let me say it’s not as easy as you think. There are people all around you that have things going on and you have no idea.

If you’ve ever had a life changing diagnosis or circumstance, you understand why nothing is as easy as people make it out to be. Maybe you are someone that is silently struggling too.

That is the glory of God in Courtney’s life. She is vibrant and gets things done! You wouldn’t know what she has to do in advance to have a normal day. She shares the hope she has right in the midst of her circumstances.

Courtney will share her journey, her story, her struggle and the victory she has in Christ. If you have any wound in your soul you need to read this book. You will leave so encouraged by her transparency, authenticity and wisdom.

Here is a portion of her book that resonated with me.

Sheep don’t doubt the love and care of their Shepherd. They just know it. They know to whom they belong and respond to His call. It’s not so much about their choosing to obey his instructions as it is about their desire to stay close to Him. Those sheep that say closest to the Shepherd, stay near in His Presence, are those who hear Him speak more clearly, who experience the ferocity of His protection, who encounter the peacefulness of His provision. They don’t need to seek out the right path or safety or provision…they need only to stay in His presence. All else will be taken care of. Let’s shake off the lies and excuses and the doubts. Let’s believe beyond what our minds can grasp. Let’s spend time with the Healer, with Yahweh Rapha, The Lord Who Heals … it’s His very nature to do so. Let’s ask Him what He has to say about the situation, what His truth is, despite what the evidence might suggest. What are you believing for today?

So what are you believing for today? Are you believing the God who says He is for you and will never leave you or forsake you? Or is the enemy of you soul whispering lies to get you to agree with him and his plan for your life? God is there to heal your body, soul, mind and emotions. Its a process …. of chronic healing.

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area you can hear Courtney teach live on October 10 and 17, 2016 at Gateway Church NFW. 

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